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Interview: José Klabin (English version)

José Klabin (third from left ro right) and Brazilian team for World Cup qualifiers, in 2011.

Brazilian Confederation of Polo (CBP) website has been launched as part of a partnership between CBP and 30jardas.com.br. And to celebrate this plataform’s release, 30jardas has interviewed José Klabin, current President of CBP, about 2013 season and other aspects of Brazilian polo.


Read interview below and also check cbpolo.com.br content.


30jardas: What is the evaluation of 2013 season on Brazilian Polo?


José Klabin: We had a wonderful season. Brazilian polo fields are getting better and better, in clubs or private ones. Current teams are the best we have considering last years, for example Itanhangá, São José and Guabi.


Horses are also better, there’s a lot of investments there. High goals championships brought incredible matches, very tight. And number of teams is higher each year, mainly with Brazilian players.


30j: How important was Rodrigo Andrade’s performance on British season in order to promote Brazilian polo? Which players do you think that can be a highlight on international level soon?


Klabin: Surely Rodrigo took Brazilian polo to a higher level. Winning England’s most important tournamens (Queen’s Cup and Gold Cup, with Zacara team) it’s a passport to the world, specially for his career as a pro player. A special thanks for him.


22 goals on England is one of the most competitive polo of the world. Obviously, playing with Facundo (Pieres) turns the task easier. However, I’d say that Rodrigo was very important so Facundo could play one of his best seasons there.


João Paulo Ganon is another example of successful Brazilians on international polo. Juracy Santos has been playing medium handicap on England for many years with good results. Olavo Novaes often plays on French season with competitive teams.


30j: 36 teams have joined Brazilian Championship. Do you notice an enhancement?


Klabin: Each year number of teams is higher, since Helvetia Polo Country Club (at Indaiatuba) and Polo Federation from São Paulo (FPP), tournament organizers, handle 2 and 6 goals categories with a lot of responsability. Therefore, players from all over Brazil want to play it. High quality polo fields, good referees and Brazil’s recent strong economy influence this number of players and teams.



30j: What can you say about polo outside São Paulo, in other areas like Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Distrito Federal and Mato Grosso do Sul?


Klabin: In Rio de Janeiro, I can say polo has developed a lot within last years. Higher number of players and horses reflects that. Military polo is the main responsible for tournaments’ organization.


Rio Grande do Sul is our second most important polo center, due to players’ quality and horses’ quantity. Rural culture influences that. In Brasília (Distrito Federal’s capital city), militar ypolo is responsible for sport and in Mato Grosso do Sul there’s a lot of development. CBP has been contacted in order to assist on a local federation to be established.


30j: What do you except for 2014 season?


Klabin: An extension of work that has been done until now. Many high level teams, horses and more sponsors.


30j: How about CBP’s new communication platform, in partnership with 30jardas?


Klabin: CBP is looking for the institutional aspect. It’s required to enable people from Brazil or abroad, searching for information about Brazilian polo are attended.


30jardas will be responsible for that, updating content with agility and developing new ideas. I’m sure we’ll getting CBP a modern aspect from an institutional point of view.

José Klabin (terceiro da esq. para dir.) e a equipe brasileira para as eliminatórias do Mundial de 2011

José Klabin (third from left to right) and Brazilian team for World Cup qualifiers


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